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A brute force solver for pyramid solitaire written in javascript.

You can see it in action on my website:

  1. Enter the string "4C 8C 6S 7H 4D 6C 8S JH 2S 8H 4H KC AS 6H KD 7D JS TH AH 8D 9D AD 9S QS 7S TC 2D 5C 2C 9C TD 5S QC AC KH 9H 3C 7C 3S 3H 2H JD 5H 4S 6D QD 3D KS QH JC TS 5D" into the textfield.
  2. Click "import"
  3. Click "solve"


This is probably quite a poor implementation. Please don't fault me, I am teaching myself javascript.