Errbot plugin to retrieve random dog images
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This is a plugin for Errbot that fetches random dog images from the API

Users can optionally specify a breed, and, also optionally, a sub-breed:


  • !doggo Fetches a random dog image
  • !doggo <breed> fetches a random dog image of <breed> specified
  • !doggo <breed> <sub-breed> fetches a random dog image of <breed> & <sub-breed> specified
  • !listbreeds DMs the user the available breeds for use in the random image retriever
  • !listsubbreeds <breed> DMs the user the available sub-breeds for a given <breed>
  • !listallbreeds DMs the user the list of all available breeds & sub-breeds
  • !reloadbreeds Admin-only; forces reload of the breeds currently available
  • !reloadsubbreeds <breed> Admin-only; forces reload of sub-breed for the given <breed>