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# Bones73k
See full article [here](https://www.leanpanda.com/blog/authentication-and-authorisation-in-phoenix-liveview/).
## Configuring:
## Start server
### Global app config
To start your Phoenix server:
You'll need to configure Time Zone and Mailer reply-from/to like so:
* Install dependencies with `mix deps.get`
* Create and migrate your database with `mix ecto.setup`
* Install Node.js dependencies with `npm install` inside the `assets` directory
* Start Phoenix endpoint with `mix phx.server`
# Custom application global variables
config :bones73k, :app_global_vars,
time_zone: "America/New_York",
mailer_reply_to: "reply_to@example.com",
mailer_from: "app_name@example.com"
Now you can visit [`localhost:4000`](http://localhost:4000) from your browser.
### Mailer Config:
Ready to run in production? Please [check our deployment guides](https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/deployment.html).
For mailing, Bamboo must be configured. There is no default config, you should put appropriate config in `prod.secret.exs` (or `dev.secret.exs`).
## Learn more
I use SMTP like so (example is for [Pobox](https://www.pobox.com/)):
* Official website: https://www.phoenixframework.org/
* Guides: https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/overview.html
* Docs: https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix
* Forum: https://elixirforum.com/c/phoenix-forum
* Source: https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix
config :bones73k, Bones73k.Mailer,
adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
server: "smtp.pobox.com",
hostname: "pobox.com",
port: 587,
username: "your_smtp_username", # or {:system, "SMTP_USERNAME"}
password: "your_smtp_password", # or {:system, "SMTP_PASSWORD"}
ssl: false, # can be `true`; pobox.com failed when this came after tls and was set to `true`
tls: :always, # can be `:always` or `:never`
allowed_tls_versions: [:"tlsv1", :"tlsv1.1", :"tlsv1.2"], # or {:system, "ALLOWED_TLS_VERSIONS"} w/ comma seprated values (e.g. "tlsv1.1,tlsv1.2")
retries: 1,
no_mx_lookups: false, # can be `true`
auth: :always # can be `:always`. If your smtp relay requires authentication set it to `:always`.
Or provide an expanded config for a different mailer as desired.
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